Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A wet day!

I'm currently sitting beside a rock in Miami, MO, trying to get a cell signal to send this post. I will have to make it quick as I'm running low on battery life.

The day dawned gorgeous and I was in a mood to get to the water quick. Good thing I did as a huge thunderstorm chased me downriver to Miami and I got camp set up just in the nick of time to avoid being washed away. The ride down the river was very scenic but not mut to talk about. The days are beginning to blend together and one part of the river looks much like the next by this time in the trip.

I set up my tent within 15 minutes of arriving at the Miami landing. I tossed the necessaries (sleeping pad & bag, etc.) in the tent just as the thunderstorm came down the river. The NOAA weather radio station was tracking its position and when it hit I dove for cover in the concrete outhouse here at the campground. It was a pretty big thunderstorm with heavy rain that lasted about 30 minutes. Things are pretty soggy now and more rain is predicted for tonight and tomorrow and then clear and sunny all weekend.

After the rain I chatted with two fisherman, Mike and his friend, that got off the river just in the nick of time. They invited me to go back out with them to check lines but I declined as I wanted to go "into town" and see Miami. There was a general store here last year but it close over the winter. The owner and his wife were sitting on their porch when I walked into town to look around. They informed me that Miami was once a boom river and railroad town with with over 10,000 citizens. They had a hotel, bank, stores, schools; the whole works. The usual fate await the town when the railroad moved south of town and the river boats quit coming.

I looked around and took some photos of the Methodist Church (closed last year), the old hotel (nearly decayed) and main street (most buildings vanished long ago). I was hoping to see the Miami Museum but Liz, the curator, hasn't come home from work. I was told by the Postmaster what she drove and when she was expected but I walked back down to camp. A couple of local women stopped and chatted as I was coming down the hill to camp and they told me about the MR340 river race and the Liz probably would drive through before she went home. One of the gals is visiting from out of town and wants to see the museum too and they said they'd come get me if it opens up. Got to love that small town hospitality.

I'll close here. I have to eat dinner and I want to be done before it rains again. Besides, it will take 10 minutes to send this with the horrible cell service in this area.



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