Thursday, March 18, 2021

Planning 2021 trip on the Upper Missouri River!

It's time to finish what I started...  It's been ten years since I pointed my canoe downstream on the Missouri River and began paddling.  When I arrived at St. Louis, MO, I was already thinking about the "next big trip."  Little did I know that an entire decade would pass before I'd be able to attempt another big float.  In that time there have been a few changes in life (children graduating, losing 35 pounds, knee surgery) and the big upsets caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  All in all, this year is a really good time to once again point my canoe downstream on the Missouri River...

So, I'm going to finish what I started.  On May 15, 2011 I launched at river mile 563 in Nebraska City, NE, and made the run (in 18 days) to river mile 0 at St. Louis.  My current plan is put in (on May 15, 2021!) at the headwaters of the Missouri River (mile 2,321) at Three Forks, MT, and take out at Nebraska City.  I will thus have traversed the river completely.  Some paddlers accomplish this task in a single outing while others break it up over a few seasons.  My story is that a decade's time counts as complete and I'm not gonna change that thought no matter how much you argue!

Real planning for this began last September and it has been a great replacement for what I'd usually being doing; organizing/completing research projects and/or a study abroad trip for my real life gig as a university professor.  The COVID shutdown has forced us all to scale back or change what we usually do in life, at work, or play.  Getting ready to paddle almost 2,000 miles by canoe has been the perfect diversion during the winter months... 

THE reference book for paddling the Big MO!

Where am I in the planning process?  The simple answer is lists, lists, and more lists (of things needed to be done)!  My plan for reactivating this blog is to start posting about what I've done and what needs to completed before I head to Montana in May.  I'm pretty confident that I'm on track to be ready to go in eight weeks (eek!).  Until then, thanks for reading my blog and for all the support that I've received thus far. 

Enjoy reading and look for me on the water. 🛶

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