Saturday, May 15, 2021

May 15th is MO River launch day

Nebraska City, NE; May 15, 2011
 Do you know what you did on this date exactly 10 years ago?  I do!  I launched from Nebraska City on what I hoped would be a several month paddle to the Florida coast.  Record flooding on the lower Missouri and Mississippi Rivers forced that trip to terminate at the St. Louis, MO, confluence of the two rivers.  This morning I launched again on the mighty MO (at the headwaters) and I’m heading home to Nebraska and bragging rights to having completed the entire river course.  I maybe slow at accomplishing a task but I (eventually) get the job done.

Three Forks, MT; May 15, 2021
Launch day always go slow.  The canoe had to be reassembled (the rudder system and cockpit stowage) and all the bags had to fit in their practiced spots (I did lots of practice packing in my garage before I left NE).  I’m currently carrying 5 weeks of food and all my cold weather clothing and gear.  The result is that I’m heavy at the start of this trip.  Today was a gorgeous day and I was hot as I paddled down to the Toston dam.  I was lamenting having brought along too much stuff, especially when I was busting a gut on the first portage.  Now that I’m in camp and the sun has set I’m not sure about that idea. The temperature is rapidly falling and my toes are cold!

A big thank you to Mark and Sarah Deopsomer for hosting me while I was in Bozeman and for dropping me off at the headwaters this morning.  I was a very good first day and the Montana scenery doesn’t disappoint.  It will take a few more days to find the rhythm of paddling, portaging, and camping but so far things are off to a great start!

Note: I’m still working on the Mapshare link at the top of this page to display my current location.  I think I’ve got it set correctly for tomorrow’s float.

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